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Council say they will reach every bin in Southport and Sefton.Please use the correct phone number

Sefton residents are being asked not to use unrelated council numbers to get in touch regarding bin collection delays.

The Council have requested that residents avoid using numbers dedicated to the delivery of other key Council functions as this can cause delays in other, unrelated areas and will not result in a quicker response to a bin collection query.

A spokesperson for Sefton Council said:

“We have received a number of calls relating to bin collections to phone lines that are dedicated to the delivery of other key Council functions.

We understand that residents may be unsure about what to do if their collection is missed or have questions regarding bin collections but we urge people to contact us via established routes if they need to speak with us.

The best way to contact the Council is via our website or via our Contact Centre on 0345 140 0845. We cannot take calls relating to bin collections on other numbers and residents will not get a quicker response by calling other numbers.  

We understand how frustrating it has been for local residents in recent weeks, however we would like to reassure residents that we are making progress in clearing the backlog thanks to the huge efforts being put in by our collection teams, the extra resources we have made available and a reduction in what were unusually high levels of sickness absence.

“We would like to thank Sefton residents for their patience while we have experienced these difficulties and also our teams for the considerable effort they have put in to carry out this catch-up operation.

“We continue to deploy extra resource to catch up on collections and we are asking people to leave their bin out. Our teams will reach every bin so please bear with us while we bring this issue to an end.”

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