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Crime alert Southport
Friday, August 6, 2021 5:49 PM

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Crime alert for residents particularly in the Churchtown and Roe Lane area of Southport.

Message from Merseyside Police

Crime alert for residents particularly in the Churchtown and Roe Lane area of Southport.

Last weekend, thieves committed burglaries to sheds/garages on Kings Hey Drive, Churchgate and Roe Lane, in addition to shed burglaries in Belmont Street and Brompton Road. They were successful in stealing a number of bikes and other high value items.

The victims of these burglaries have all been visited/contacted and house to house enquiries have been made in the areas. We know that the offenders went into several more gardens looking into other sheds and garages. Today, we have been made aware of another report of a male seen in a back garden on Beresford Drive in the early hours of this morning (Friday 6th August). 

Investigations continue and we are keen to catch those responsible. In the meantime, we strongly recommend that bikes are not only locked securely when inside sheds and garages, but also that residents in this area and across the neighbourhood add alarms to sheds and garages. Tools and other sporting equipment has been taken as well as bikes. At present, residents are only finding out about these burglaries the next morning or days later. By adding a shed alarm and calling 999 if you hear it going off in the night, we will have a far greater chance of catching those responsible for this type of crime. It doesn't have to be an expensive alarm, just something to alert you to someone tampering with your property. 

We also recommend that you photograph bikes and especially photograph the frame numbers of bikes, so that they can be supplied to us, should you fall victim of theft of a bike. 

Remember also, that you can add your bike to the national Bike Register database at

Finally, please report any suspicious circumstances round your homes, as the information you provide could be the missing piece of information that we need. 

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