Thursday, July 7, 2022 4:23 PM
Monday, May 30, 2022 7:03 AM

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Pontins in Southport is reviewed by You Tuber "Walk With Me Tim" Its Disgusting! Worst in the UK!

Tim Said...

What is it like staying in a Holiday Park that's had over 2000 TERRIBLE Trip advisor reviews and is apparently the worst in the UK?. I stay at Pontins Southport Holiday Park to see what it is REALLY like! It's been in the news a lot recently.. can it really be that BAD?  Let's find out!!!

Comments on the video include...

Worst holiday park ever.  The fold down ‘bed’ is terrible.  Last time (final time) we went with the kids (who weren’t even teenagers then) I found a dollar bill and the remnants of a cocaine session on a plate in the top of the cupboard.  Management said ‘oh sorry about that’.  Everything was either knackered or shut. Pool was a joke. Restaurants were closed.  Never again Southport!

I thought some of your previous Pontins videos were bad, but this place looks straight up abandoned. How they can get away with charging people actual money to stay here just boggles the mind. That barbed wire on the fence is definitely to keep people in, not out. I think the only solution here is a bit of the old "nuke it from orbit".

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