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Residents and ex MP left fuming as green bins not collected in Southport

Residents in large parts of Birkdale and central Southport were left fuming this Tuesday as Green Bins dutifully left out for emptying were ignored by Sefton Council’s refuse department. Residents learnt they would not now be collected for months.

The last day pre -winter for green bin collection for this area had been clearly scheduled for 30th November and residents relied on the calendar published.

However, Sefton changed the date giving notification of the change on the Sefton website only. 

This has seriously annoyed residents as many gardeners in preparation for the winter have cleared up piles of leafs as nature beds down for winter, organising themselves around the green bin collection rota.

“None of us are sad enough to regularly check changes on Sefton’s website”, says Liberal Democrat councillor, John Pugh, “ and not everyone knows how to. The Council have blundered.This is the one Council service absolutely everyone relies.”

“The Council should apologise and book another date, taking the obvious step of letting us know this time. “

The Council issued a press release...

Residents in Sefton are being reminded that any excess green waste can be taken to their nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre or composted at home.

Last week (Monday, November 22nd) green waste collections were suspended for winter due to unavoidable operational pressures, resulting in a collection a week earlier than previously anticipated.

For those residents who missed the final collection date, the local authority’s incredibly hard working cleansing teams will be attempting to revisit some areas where outstanding green bins have been left out for collection.

A full garden waste collection service will resume in March 2022.

The vast majority of grey and brown bin collections over the Christmas period will take place on their normal day of collection and, for those on an alternating weekly wheelie bin collection, according to the normal brown/grey bin pattern.

The only exceptions are:

Saturday 25th December 2021 to be collected Sunday 26th December 2021
Monday 27th December 2021 to be collected Sunday 26th December 2021
Saturday 1st January 2021 to be collected Sunday 2nd January 2022

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