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Woodlands Animal Sanctuary Near Southport Summer Appeal

What would you like to achieve this summer?  Woodlands Animal Sanctuary are looking to help as many animals as they can and they are already underway with 9 kittens being hand reared, 4 hoglets in requiring additional feeds and increased checks to ensure they are growing as they should, 3 litters of kittens already on the ground with another one pending and this is only the start of what they lovingly call baby season!

Along with a full shelter of adult cats looking for their own loving forever homes plus a waiting list also full of deserving cats Woodlands are on track to meet their aim of helping as many animals as possible this summer season.  However, they also need your help!

Financing, the large quantities of milk, equipment, specialist food and the extra time these babies' needs is all on top of their usual running costs.  They are very aware that everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment, with prices of what feels like everything going up. The team are hoping though, that before you enjoy your summer holiday, or head off the enjoy the sunshine in your local beer garden, that you may be able to support them with their Summer Appeal.  Even just a couple of pounds will go into the pot to provide those innocent and vulnerable babies with the care and nutrition they need to even begin to have the chance of their own happy ever after.

Woodlands Animal Sanctuary have the team, knowledge, facilities and support network of volunteers to help them achieve their goal and rehabilitate and rehome or release as many animals as they can over the next few months.  They thing they are missing is the money!

So please, join them in their Summer Appeal and add lifesaving work to your achievements this summer.  Visit their website > for ways to donate, or visit their Facebook page to find out more about what they do and how to donate.

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