Enhancements Rolled Out at Hillside Station Following Campaign by Lib Dems


Local Lib Dems Erin Harvey (prospective parliamentary candidate) and Councillor Iain Brodie-Browne have been working closely with Merseyrail over the past month to resolve issues at Hillside station related to ticket office closures. To date, when the ticket office closes due to network staff shortages, then so have all the facilities including the lifts, toilets, waiting room and defibrillator. These regular and unannounced closures of the ticket office at Hillside station have impacted passengers with reduced mobility.  

Following productive meetings and ongoing communications with Merseyrail,  we are happy to say:

·      The defibrillator was immediately moved to the public area from the office 

·      Increased signage about the passenger assist service 

·      A solution to keep lifts open even in the event of unforeseen staff shortages

·      Merseyrail have increased in contingency staffing 

Erin said “I am pleased with how seriously Merseyrail took the issue once presented to them and how quickly they worked to resolve it to improve access for all passengers. So many people rely on public transport and it’s important that our transport systems work for everyone at all times. The changes are timely as since starting this campaign, I’ve damaged my Achilles and will need to use the lifts at Hillside station regularly”.

Iain added “I am thrilled to hear that the lifts will no longer be closed intermittently at times of short staffing. We campaigned for many years to get these lifts installed and they are relied upon by many local residents. I look forward to continuing to work with Merseyrail to keep improving Hillside station for the local community”.

The only parts Merseyrail could not commit to changing is leaving toilets and waiting rooms left open when the station is unstaffed, due to concerns about anti-social behaviour.