Respected Councillor Resigns, Garners Support from Opposition Leader


Cllr. John Pugh, opposition leader on Sefton Council,  on hearing of Cllr Sean Halsall’s decision to resign from Sefton’s ruling Labour Group commented.

"Cllr.Halsall has the respect of all sections and parties on Sefton Council not because we all agree with all his views -far from it - but because he is a very genuine person who does not let party politics compromise his humanity nor his principles.

 For all decent politicians being at odds with your own party and ‘officials' is uncomfortable and stressful, but the public should be re-assured when they find that for many of the best, there is a point when blind loyalty to any party, isn’t the right choice.

Only soulless political careerists have no bottom line.  

I pass no comment on the circumstances behind Cllr Halsall’s resignation, but I am confident that he has made a difficult choice as a man of integrity and regardless of any consequences that has to be respected- even admired. "