Three drones seized by police during Grand National Festival 2024


Three drones have been seized by police after they were flown in a restricted area during the three-day Randox Grand National Festival 2024.
As part of the policing operation, the flight restrictions were put in place to protect everyone attending the event, including horses, and assist with the security of the festival.
On both days of the festival, Thursday and Friday, we were made aware of drones being flown in the restricted airspace which resulted in the operators being located and their aircraft seized and advice given to a further operator.  
The flight restrictions affecting drones is also in place today, Saturday 13 April.
Chief Inspector Iain Wyke, in charge of the Policing Operation for the event, said: “This incident demonstrated the excellent detection work by officers who were able to swiftly identify the operators and seize the equipment.
"Please be mindful that airspace restrictions will remain in place for the duration of the event, and if we suspect a drone is being flown in the restricted area, then we will take action.
“If you commit an offence and fly a drone within the restricted area without permission, your equipment may be seized, and you may render yourself liable to prosecution.”