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Men & The Menopause in Sefton

Sefton Council is leading the way in the Liverpool City Region to get its male employees talking about the menopause and its effects on the workplace.

The local authority’s dedicated Active Workforce team have been working hard behind the scenes to successfully tackle what is often thought of as a ‘taboo subject’ and further support female colleague who are suffering with menopausal symptoms in the workplace

However following the launch of Sefton’s brand new Menopuase policy in 2020, it was quickly apparent that there was still an issue – a huge majority of staff, especially male, thought the subject ‘too taboo’ to talk about.

Now a series of workshops and information sessions have been put together to help educate employees about the condition and its symptoms, to help foster a more open and positive approach within the workplace.

Paulette Lappin, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services, said: “Although supporting women in the workplace is the priority, Active Workforce have identified a need to further educate men in the workplace, in order to provide support and understanding about the menopause.

“This September we will be holding a male only session called ‘Men and the Menopause’.

“This will give male employees the chance to understand the menopause, recognise the symptoms and learn what treatments and support are available.

“We are delighted that Sefton’s Chief Executive, Dwayne Johnson, is leading by example in attending this session.”

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